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  • Gig Internet for Buildings

  • 10 x Faster Speeds to Tenants

    No Downtime, No Slowdowns

    Internet for Building Operations

  • Performance with Redundancy

  • 100% Diverse Feed from All Providers

    No Shared Single Points of Failure

    Complete Outage Avoidance

  • The Fiber Alternative

  • Immediate Installs

    Cost Effective Rates

    SLA Backed Performance

Get Faster and More Reliable Internet

We are the Fastest Growing ISP in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The NewConnect High Five


Dedicated Gig speeds from 100 to 1000 Mbps up and down.


Bandwidth options and pricing to match need and budget.


The only alternative to telco and cable networks.


Guaranteed performance backed by leading SLA.


Already wired in your building and ready to be installed.

Our next-generation network bypasses the limitations of old technology, supplying reliable Internet at the speed of your business.

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