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Business Internet Service in the DMV Area

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless is a method of transmitting high-speed data via a microwave connection between two fixed points. Like fiber loops, Fixed Wireless is a point-to-point connection from the customer premise to the provider’s network edge. Unlike fiber, it is not susceptible to the vulnerabilities of construction, fire, or floods, and has essentially no obstruction from the one point to the other.

How is fixed wireless provided?

Service is delivered by installing a microwave transceiver on the roof of your building that sends waves to a microwave receiver at a Network hub. NewConnect then extends CAT6 cabling from the transceiver down to the building floors and ultimately to the customer’s suite.

How reliable is fixed wireless?

Our technology uses a dedicated transmission from one radio to another. This is different than wireless technologies that support mobile phones, which can lose connectivity when moving from cell site to cell site. Fixed Wireless is a point-to-point connection from the customer premise to the Internet. Most Internet failures are due to buried cable being damaged. NewConnect’s Fixed Wireless bypasses all underground facilities and therefore is guaranteed to have 99.99% availability.

How fast is fixed wireless access?

NewConnect delivers two basic speeds for access: Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. These two speeds deliver access speeds of 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps, respectively.

How soon can I install new service?

Because there is no construction, permitting, or third party provisioning delays, NewConnect can deliver business Internet service as soon we can dispatch a technician. We usually deliver business Internet service within one week of an order.

Do rain or weather conditions impact service quality?

No. NewConnect deploys the latest and greatest microwave radios designed to withstand any inclement weather conditions. Even during torrential downpour and national disasters like Hurricane Sandy, NewConnect has never lost a connection due to weather.

What equipment is needed?

NewConnect extends its service from the penthouse to the customer suite via a CAT6 cable that plugs directly into the customer’s router, switch, or firewall.

Is fixed wireless the same as satellite?

No. Fixed Wireless is only transmitted a few miles between the customer and the Internet gateway with latency less than 5ms. Satellite is transmitted thousands of miles through multiple layers of the atmosphere with latency over 180ms. Due to the vast difference, there is no comparison of the two technologies.

Business Internet Service in the DMV Area

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