The Power of NewConnect

Need a More Reliable ISP for Your Business? NewConnect Delivers Exceptional Speeds, Reliable Performance, Immediate Installs.

NewConnect is an Internet provider that delivers better than fiber performance to the Greater Washington, D.C. market. NewConnect’s Wireless Fiber (an advanced fixed wireless technology) delivers the fastest speeds, the fastest installs, and only diverse alternative to legacy fiber for both performance and redundancy.

The FASTEST Speeds

NewConnect's upgrades businesses from low bandwidth speeds or shared services to Dedicated GIG E Internet speeds. In addition, NewConnect allows free bursting to instantaneously double your subscribed bandwidth anytime additional capacity is needed. By providing higher than subscribed speeds with low latency, NewConnect offers the fastest broadband experience in the market.

The FASTEST Installations

NewConnect typically delivers new service in less than one week of a request. Not hampered by any third party, NewConnect drastically reduces the time it takes to deliver high speed service. No longer do you have to wait up to six months for fiber if NewConnect can serve your building. Customers often select NewConnect for guaranteed delivery and even next day installations. Move into your new office space with confidence that your Internet service will be ready for use on day one.

The FASTEST Service Response

NewConnect is an Internet provider independent from Verizon and all other potential middle men that can slow down problem resolution and the overall ability to provide the best customer experience.

The Lowest Latency

Latency is the time that it takes data to transmit from your computer to the Internet and back. It is determined by several factors, including the distance from your building and nearest Internet gateway. NewConnect’s Wireless Fiber (an advanced fixed wireless technology) provides the shortest and most direct path to the Internet, allowing for the lowest possible latency or simply put, the fastest Internet experience.

The Most Diverse Redundancy

NewConnect's Wireless Fiber (an advanced fixed wireless technology) bypasses miles of common underground fiber, copper, and cable infrastructure that often fail due to construction, flooding, or manhole accidents. NewConnect is the only provider with a diverse building entrance (roof), diverse inside wiring, and direct network path (air) for the most unique access and the only true alternative for ISP redundancy.

The Greatest Network Reach

NewConnect delivers to any building, anywhere, at any time. If you are located in one of hundreds of NewConnect Wired buildings, a new installation is only hours away. If your building is not wired for NewConnect's services, NewConnect has pre-negotiated access with a vast majority of property management portfolios to ensure that we can deliver new service to you as well. NewConnect guarantees new service delivery within one week of approved access.

FREE Bursting

Many applications today demand higher bandwidth levels for quality performance. Bursting provides additional bandwidth on demand without signing a new contract or making a new request. Instantly burst to as much as ten times your committed speed when you need bandwidth the most.

Engineered to Never Go Down

NewConnect's Wireless Fiber network is hundreds of feet above the terrestrial network elements that typically fail. NewConnect's Geo-Redundant Cisco Core Network consists of several Network Access Points (NAPs) where NewConnect privately pairs with public Internet backbones. In the unlikely event of a NAP failure, all traffic will automatically reroute through the other available NAPs.

Guaranteed Reliability

NewConnect guarantees network uptime, low latency, and no packet loss. In the unlikely event that service is negatively impacted, NewConnect will provide a refund per Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines.

High Speed Internet Service Provider in the DMV Area

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