The Wireless Fiber Advantage

Wireless Fiber: An Advanced Fixed Wireless Technology

Wireless Fiber is a much faster, quicker to deploy, last mile technology for super high speed Internet access. This fixed-wireless point-to-point access technology establishes an uninterrupted, dedicated path from buildings to the Internet backbone for unlimited bandwidth potential.

Diverse Access for Real Redundancy

Wireless Fiber (an advanced fixed wireless technology) bypasses miles of common underground fiber, copper, and cable infrastructure that often fail due to construction, flooding, or manhole accidents. Fixed Wireless is the only technology that lends to a diverse building entrance (roof), diverse inside wiring, and a diverse network path (air) for the most unique access and the only true alternative for ISP redundancy.

Unlimited Reach

NewConnect delivers to any building, anywhere, at any time. If you are located in one of hundreds of NewConnect LIT buildings, a new installation is only hours away. If your building is not wired for NewConnect's services, NewConnect has prearranged access with a vast majority of property management portfolios to ensure that we can deliver new service to you as well. NewConnect guarantees new service delivery within one week of approved access.

Immediate Installs

With no permits, construction, or third party delays, NewConnect typically delivers within one week of a request, as opposed to fiber orders that can take up to six months. Customers often select NewConnect for guaranteed delivery and even next day installations. Move into your new office space with confidence that your Internet is ready for use on day one.

Access Everywhere with Line of Sight (LOS)

If we can see your building, we can deliver. Line of Sight (LOS) defies all limitations of buried cable systems and makes Gigabit Ethernet access available to any building within sight of NewConnect hubs. Wireless Fiber Internet is available within one week of building approval to service the tenant.

Better Than Fiber Performance

'Fast' can be defined and measured by latency or the delay of the time data leaves the computer and travels to the Internet and back. In the race to zero latency, Fixed Wireless beats fiber to the finish line for two basic reasons.

1. The shortest point between A and B is a straight line. Fixed Wireless links bypass complicated fiber routes, eliminating miles of data transmission for a direct shot to the Internet backbone.

2. Data travels faster through air than it does over glass (fiber). Unlike fiber, where data is transmitted via light reflections, Fixed Wireless signals travel through air, eliminating the need for any physical medium and further decreasing latency.

Wireless Fiber

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