Our Team

David Wallis

David has been a successful entrepreneur since age 23. Before founding NewConnect and providing business Internet to dozens of companies, David built and grew several organizations, including the Travel Guide that grew 600% before being acquired by a Fortune 500 competitor.

Oscar Williams

Oscar joined the team to expand growth by establishing successful sales channels, partner relationships, and marketing strategies. Oscar has spent over 25 years in telecommunications where he has built and grown dynamic sales organizations and companies.

Jerry Scheer

Jerry is a Washingtonian and proven business leader who has founded and grown several companies throughout the region. Jerry is responsible for establishing the business development platform and customer base for NewConnect.

John Saporito

John has lead IT teams for over 25 years with an extensive background in data networking. Before joining NewConnect, John led several large projects that managed the Pentagon’s network. John is responsible for building and maintaining NewConnect’s Core Network.

Gavin Wallis

Nothing happens without Gavin. Leveraging over 20 years of experience, Gavin leads the NewConnect TechOps team that handles research, testing, support, and implementation of NewConnect microwave radios and end-user services, like business Internet solutions and office networking.

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