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Power your office building with Gig Speed Internet

NewConnect is the only true alternative to Verizon and the cable company. Building portfolios choose NewConnect to provide tenants with Gig speed Internet via a separate Internet feed from all other providers. By installing NewConnect’s gateway equipment at your property, you will covert your building to a powerful Internet POP with unlimited bandwidth potential. Make NewConnect your office ISP of choice.

Get Your Building Wired Certified

Connectivity matters.  Your Internet infrastructure means more now than ever.  Commercial properties seek Wired Certification to promote best-in-class connectivity options to retain and attract tenants.

Provide Tenant Choice

NewConnect presents a unique choice to tenants that look to improve their broadband access to cloud applications. NewConnect makes high capacity Internet affordable to the small, medium, and enterprise businesses in the buildings that it serves. Wireless Fiber closes the gap between low budgets and high performance for a distinct advantage over consumer-grade cable or expensive fiber services.

Office ISP in the DMV Area
Office ISP in the DMV Area

Upgrade Building with a “Faster than Fiber” Alternative

Give your tenants access to higher speeds at lower costs at no cost to the property to replace slow, less reliable, outdated technologies. Today, tenants view the Internet as another utility that should be as reliable as electricity. Some tenants having more business critical needs cannot afford even an hour of downtime, select two or more ISPs for insurance and redundancy. NewConnect allows properties to provide a unique service that can better serve all tenants, is much more reliable than cable, and does not rely on Verizon or any other carrier.

Attract and Retain Tenants

Not hampered by third party provisioning, NewConnect typically delivers within one week of a service request as opposed to fiber orders that can take up to six months. Tenants that move into new office space often select NewConnect for guaranteed delivery and even next day installations. NewConnect is independent of Verizon and all potential middle men and is not constrained by their limitations of service delivery, problem resolution, or the ability to provide the best possible customer experience.

Office ISP in the DMV Area

NewConnect for Buildings Program

Little to No Capital Investment for Building or Tenants

Immediate Service Availability with No Construction and No Permit

Deep Partner Discounts for Building Management Internet Use

Dedicated Gig E Internet with 100 MB to 1000 MB Standard Access

Service Level Guarantees for Business-Critical Performance

A True Alternative as an Added Amenity for New or Existing Tenants

Building Application Consolidation

  • Building Access Systems (BAS)
  • IP Security Camera
  • VoIP – Video
  • Common Area WiFi
  • General Office Use

Requirements and Specifications

  • 6′ x 6′ Roof Area for Non-Penetrating Sled
  • Access to Telco Closet and Existing Risers
  • 2′ x 3′ Enclosure for Cisco Switch & UPS
  • Building Access During Business Hours
  • General Marketing Support

Notable Customers

Property Partner References

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