NewConnect Provides Internet Connectivity for New Marriott Capitol Hill

Marriott case study NewConnect

NewConnect Provides Internet Connectivity for New Marriott Capitol Hill

A new construction Marriott hotel in Capitol Hill needed internet for their building, and they originally went with Verizon for fiber internet. The company initially quoted 45-60 days for the internet to be installed, but after six months, the project was still not done, and the building remained without internet.

The hotel wanted to launch an open house, but they couldn’t complete the launch or the inspection without internet connectivity. The entire project was delayed and being held up by a lack of internet. The lack of fiber availability in the area delayed the installation by Verizon.

As the client got tired of waiting and couldn’t delay their opening any longer, they began looking for another provider to install their internet. That was when they found NewConnect.

NewConnect came on-site to assess and design the client’s capabilities for wireless fiber internet. Within 48 hours, the team had delivered a 1 Gbps connection for the client, with service delivery on the second day. Since NewConnect is the primary service provider, there’s no middleman to deal with, and the hotel has fast, reliable internet for their operations and guests.

Oscar Williams