AirWave Fiber

NewConnect’s last mile access routes through the air, enters the building from the roof, and wires downward to the customer suite, bypassing all other provider’s fiber, copper, and coax infrastructure for the highest level of network diversity and availability.

Fixed Wireless Internet in the DMV Area

Internet Redundancy

An Enterprise Internet redundancy strategy should consist of having two or more Internet providers that avoid common network elements as single points of failure. The achieve ISP network diversity, a truly redundant Internet supply would:

1) Travel different route from the building to the Internet backbone

2) Transmit via a different physical medium or technology

3) Enter the building from a different entrance point, and

4) Take the separate path for internal wiring

Fixed Wireless Internet in the DMV Area

SLA Performance Guarantee (Primary or Secondary)

NewConnect delivers GIG E access speeds from 1 to 10 Gbps. Ideal as your only fixed wireless connection or perfect as a diverse redundant path, complement your network with carrier-grade high capacity and low latency to support all Enterprise Cloud Connectivity requirements.

99.99% network availability

10 milliseconds or less r/t latency

99.9% packet delivery

100% committed bandwidth

Dedicated Internet Products


GIG E 100 x 100 w/ Failover Burst


GIG E 250 x 250 w/ Failover Burst


GIG E 500 x 500 w/ Failover Burst


GIG E 1000 x 1000

Auto-Failover Configurations

SDN-WAN appliance-based management

Firewall/router based management

Load-balancing, BGP design expertise

AlwaysConnected Managed ISP

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