Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Into a New Office and Selecting an ISP


Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Into a New Office and Selecting an ISP

Choosing the right internet service provider (ISP) is a must when moving into a new office. Moving the office ISP is one component of moving the office network as a whole. When it’s time to move, it’s usually time for an upgrade.

Businesses of all sizes depend on the internet to sell products, connect with customers, and collaborate on projects. As such, having reliable internet from a reputable provider is essential.

Finding the best ISP for your company can be challenging, so what questions should you ask a potential provider before making your choice? The following are the top questions you should ask before moving into a new office and selecting an ISP.

Can You Meet My Move-in Deadline?

When moving into a new office space, you need to know that your ISP can provide service as soon as you are ready for it. Ask potential providers how long service delivery will take. Even if you’ve found what you believe to be a great provider, it may take months before they can get your service set up. Ask how soon they can provide service based on the internet you’re considering and determine whether this will work with your move-in date and timeline.

Do You Already Have Services in the Building?

Ask potential providers about their service availability. For example, do they already have services in the building? Not every ISP can provide service based on existing cabling, so if you’re looking at a wiring project to get your service set up, the timeline extends dramatically and can take up to six months. Look for a provider that can guarantee the installation date by your move-in timeline so you can streamline your office setup when the time comes.

Do You Provide Internal Cabling for Off-Networking, Phones, and Office Equipment?

Internal cabling is necessary for inter-office communications, including phone systems and other office equipment such as servers. Ask your ISP if they will provide internal cabling for off-networking at your new site. Having a provider that can design, build, and run your office network can ensure you retain maximum connectivity and uptime, especially for Wi-Fi and routers but also for data backups and VoIP implementation.

Do You Provide IT Support and Project Management?

Not every ISP will offer IT support or project management at your new office location. However, having an ISP that delivers support for your information technology can ensure you have the knowledge, skills, and support you need for network security, cloud solutions, data backups, virus prevention, and VoIP systems. Ask your potential provider what support they offer for your IT, including on-site and remote support. We can offer support with your existing IT partner for a seamless transition. Depending on your company’s specific needs, you may need more or less assistance than what they provide.

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