Relocating to a New Office in DC? Now May Be the Time for Your Business to Review Your Network and Consider an Upgrade


Relocating to a New Office in DC? Now May Be the Time for Your Business to Review Your Network and Consider an Upgrade

How well is your office network serving your business?

If you’re relocating to a new office in DC, now is an excellent time to review your network and consider an upgrade. As business operations continue to evolve post-pandemic, companies need more flexibility with their networks to meet demand. Moving locations is the perfect time to reevaluate your connectivity so you can modify your network as needed.

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating how your office network can better meet your business requirements in DC.

Assess Your Network Scalability

Having a scalable network can be highly beneficial for businesses that need to expand or shrink their network as necessary. Understanding your network demands and how your current setup meets them is integral to assessing your network scalability.

Network scalability allows businesses to remove or add bandwidth as necessary to meet their demands. Whether you need to grow quickly, scale back, or adjust for busy seasons, evaluating how scalable your network is can help understand what needs to change to better meet these demands.

If your network is not scalable or only allows for minimal scalability when your requirements change significantly over time, then it’s time to consider upgrading your network.

Consider Moving to the Cloud

If you haven’t moved your network to the cloud yet, moving office locations is a great time to do so. Outsourcing your network to the cloud allows you to have improved scalability, lower operating costs, and less on-site equipment to keep your networks up and running.

Cloud-based networks provide better security and the flexibility and accessibility companies require today for remote and hybrid work environments. It’s also simpler to back up data in the cloud and deploy services as needed without adding hardware.

Whether you’re considering a hybrid cloud network or transitioning fully to the cloud, the benefits of cloud computing for DC businesses are numerous.

Have Your Network Assessed With NewConnect

Our team at NewConnect can assess your network and make recommendations for your new setup, including implementing equipment and transitioning to the cloud. We are your local DC ISP providing reliable and fast connectivity without the need for expensive wired setups. Contact our professionals today to schedule your network assessment.

Oscar Williams