Why Symmetrical Speeds From Your Business ISP Matter: The Importance of Equal Upload and Download Speeds

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Why Symmetrical Speeds From Your Business ISP Matter: The Importance of Equal Upload and Download Speeds

Many internet service providers (ISPs) offer asymmetrical internet to businesses, meaning the upload and download speeds are different. While there are some cost benefits to separate upload and download speeds, it’s rarely worth it for businesses that need to send data to partners and customers. If you have good download speeds, but poor upload speeds (usually around 15 Mbps or less), then you are only as fast as your weakest link. 

With symmetrical internet—where upload and download speeds are the same—you don’t have to be concerned whether or not you have enough bandwidth in either direction.  Nor do you have to wrestle with other users for shared bandwidth and deal with a slow connection. Choosing an ISP that offers equal upload and download speeds allows for better connectivity and more reliable internet service, which is a must in today’s digital environment.

Let’s take a closer look at download and upload speeds and why having symmetrical internet from an ISP has big benefits for businesses.

Understanding Upload and Download Speeds

Upload speeds involve sending data, while download speeds involve receiving data. Generally, upload speeds are lower than download speeds when it comes to internet service plans. However, the majority of internet activity involves both uploading and downloading.

Asymmetrical bandwidth is considered consumer-grade in that the nature of home Internet use, is downloading more than upload.   So, if you’re not a business, you may not have issues with asymmetrical internet. However, fast and reliable upload and download speeds are a must for corporations.

Commercial businesses and buildings with many internet users often require equal upload and download speeds for reliable connectivity and reduced latency, especially when completing daily tasks and projects.

Why Symmetrical Internet Is Essential for Businesses

Equal upload and download speeds are essential for businesses, especially those that need to view surveillance in real-time, have a cloud infrastructure, or handle large amounts of data.

Symmetrical internet is also necessary for remote work or hybrid work settings, video conferencing, social media marketing, and file sharing and collaboration among employees. The larger your team is, the more important equal upload and download speeds are from your ISP.

Having the same upload and download speeds allows companies to transfer or send large amounts of data without impacting daily tasks or interrupting conference calls or streaming video. 

While conventional internet, such as cable internet, doesn’t allow for symmetrical speeds, you have other, more affordable options for reliable symmetrical internet for your business.

Getting More Reliable Internet with Fixed Wireless From Your ISP

Compared to fiber connectivity, fixed-wireless internet offers better performance with point-to-point access. Without relying on conventional buried cables, wireless fiber connectivity allows unlimited bandwidth, uninterrupted signal, and the fastest internet speeds with low latency.

Wireless fiber allows for more affordable internet from your ISP with equal upload and download speeds and a faster installation process. Fixed-wireless internet also supports reliable cloud connectivity, no matter what your bandwidth requirements are.

Since the installation process is simpler and latency is reduced, the cost benefits of wireless fiber symmetrical internet make sense for commercial companies that need reliable, dedicated, connectivity.

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