Will a New DC ISP for Your Business Alone Impact Your Connectivity, or Are There Other Bottlenecks to Consider?


Will a New DC ISP for Your Business Alone Impact Your Connectivity, or Are There Other Bottlenecks to Consider?

Considering a new internet service provider (ISP) may be necessary for your business, but keep in mind that a new ISP alone won’t always improve your network and internet connectivity speed.

There are other issues that can limit your new ISP from delivering top speeds, and these are bottlenecks you should consider when switching internet providers.

What issues can impact your connection speed as a business, and how can you diagnose and resolve these problems? Here’s how you can identify potential connectivity issues and ensure you have the highest possible speeds when switching to a new ISP.

Your Connection Is Only as Fast as Your Weakest Link

Remember that your internet connection is ultimately only as fast as your weakest link.

So, if your redundant connection is slow, you should consider this your top speed, as you never know when your internet will fail and how long it will be down. Therefore, you must be able to function solely on the slowest link to have a truly effective internet redundancy strategy.

If the slow connection isn’t the result of a problem on your end but on your provider’s, there isn’t much you can do to fix it besides switching ISPs.

Even then, you’ll need to consider your ISP’s weakest link as your fastest speed. As a result, even the slowest speed they offer should be enough to cover your connectivity needs to keep your business connected and running.

Identifying Office Network Issues That Result in Slower Speeds

If your network connectivity issues are related to your office network, including cabling, firewalls, and other hardware and software, you can take steps toward resolving these problems once you identify and diagnose them.

In situations such as these, it’s important to remember that even if your provider offers fast connectivity, fast ISP speeds won’t matter if your business is working on an old computer, slow router, or corrupted firewall. Unless these issues are diagnosed and resolved, you can’t take advantage of high ISP speeds.

NewConnect works with clients to identify on-site issues that can result in slower speeds, then walks them through the process for fixing these issues to deliver the highest speeds for improved connectivity.

Taking Steps to Resolve Issues With a New ISP

Switching ISPs can make a big difference in your internet connectivity, but only if any in-office network issues have been resolved on your end. So how can you know if your provider or your on-site network is preventing you from getting faster internet?

NewConnect not only provides high speeds as an internet service provider—we also conduct on-site assessments to ensure your business can actually take advantage of these speeds. When you work with us, we walk you through problem resolution to ensure you can get the internet speeds you need without disruption.

Our team will update or upgrade any hardware or cabling needed after identifying and diagnosing potential on-site issues. We work to get businesses end-to-end gig internet speeds for the most reliable, diverse, and quality high-speed internet available today.

Find Out More by Contacting NewConnect

NewConnect provides quality high-speed internet via fixed wireless for businesses that want immediate installations, lower technology costs, and the fastest internet available. Contact us today to find out how you can improve your internet speed by switching providers and addressing on-site connectivity issues.

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